Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Weeks Ending May 12 and May 19

May 6 - 4M in :30.  Shakeout run on the Greenbelt.  Core after.  A little stiff from the long run the day before.

May 7 - 7M in :47.  Tuesday Night Tempo.  The weather cleared a little (still chilly with a breeze) and the run went well.  Kyle reappeared to join us and pushed me on the tempo.  3M in 17:43.  

May 8 - 10.5M in 1:24.  Lunch run with Patrick and Hall Penn.  We started into an incoming squall that hit us all the way up Powerline.  It cleared up for our run back into town.

May 9 - No run.  Don't really remember why.

May 10 - 5M in :36.  Shakeout run on the Greenbelt in the morning before heading down to Fort Collins in the evening for Quad Rock.

May 11 - 26M in 4:35.  My write-up of the race describes what I went through. After some more time to reflect, as well as some good advice from my friends (particularly Alec), I'm not quite as pissed off about this race as I was.  I have a lot to learn, so I should just embrace it and try to enjoy it.  Getting so frustrated about things is not going to do any good.

May 12 - Day off.  Hung out in Cheyenne for Mother's Day.

Weekly Total: 52.5M in 7:51

May 13 - Day off.  Quad Rock mocks me.

May 14 - Day off.  Still pretty crippled.

May 15 - 5M in :43.  Pub Run.  Easy pace with several beers.  Front Street to Bailey's to Alibi to Ranger to Crowbar for food.  Elizabeth joined and much merriment ensued. 

May 16 - 5M in :40.  First run at Happy Jack of the season.  Trails are clearing up quickly.  I did a quick out and back from Tie City to the Overlook.  Elizabeth hiked and enjoyed the good, piney air.  Great to be back up on those trails.

May 17 - 6.5M in :52.  Post-work run at Happy Jack.  Summit, down Super Secret and Aspen, up Pole Creek.  Not too bad.  Still have some junk in my legs.

May 18 - 10.5M in 1:34.  Silent Trails course.  Third day in a row at the Jack (I just get so excited sometimes...).  I took it very easy.  Walked most of the climbs.  Didn't feel super great, but I wanted to get in something longer.

May 19 - 22M in 3:06.  Sunday morning long run.  Started at my house and met Patrick and Jefe in the prairie.  From there we ran the Pilot Hill course (25K).  I made it up the climb in a conservative 1:19.  Came back down in :54 for a total PH course time of 2:13.  Not bad considering what I did to myself last week.  Ran home from the prairie.

Weekly Total: 49M in 6:55.

Gear: Asics Speedstar 6 (52M), Saucony Peregrine 2 (90M)

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