Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Laramie Spring Time Running

The last couple of weeks have been a perfect example of the variability of spring weather in the Rocky Mountain west.  That always makes for challenging running, but the days are trending nicer and it's easier to convince myself to get outside.  Except for last Wednesday.  That was bullshit.

The past couple of weeks of training have been productive.  I feel good about Quad Rock.  I am not so sure I will be competitive, but I do feel I can produce a 4-Hour or slightly under effort.  I would be happy with that a month out from Bighorn.

April 22 - 5M in :37.  Greenbelt run.  In the snow.

April 23 - 7M in :47.  Tuesday Night Tempo.  2M warm-up to Washington Park.  3M tempo in 17:54.  2M cool down home.  Still pretty cold.

April 24 - 11M in 1:26.  Lunch run with Jefe, Patrick, and Jason R.   Powerline Climb/Middle Aid Station loop in the prairie.  Sunny, but chilly wind.

April 25 - 5M in :36.  Greenbelt lunch run.  Great weather.

April 26 - 5.5M in :41.  Friday form work.  Form exercises, plyos, 4x2-lappers with one-lap rest.  

April 27 - 7M in :48.  Late morning run on Greenbelt.  Beautiful weather.  Followed by a trip down to Fort Collins.  Hiked to Horsetooth Falls, drank beer outside, and caught a movie.  Nice little Saturday, really.

April 28 - 15M in 1:57.  Long trail run at Curt Gowdy.  Hit Twin Lakes, Canyons, Highline, Blue's Cruz, Cliff Hanger, Middle Kingdom.  Windy, but warm.

Week Totals: 56M in 6:52

April 29 - Day off.

April 30 - A.M. - 3M in :21.  Morning run on Greenbelt.
P.M. - 7M in :48.  Tuesday Night Tempo.  Rain/snow mix in 30 degrees.  3M tempo in 18:21.
January - 107 (15:29)
February - 132 (18:29)
March - 170 (21:25)
April - 158 (21:26)
2013 - 567 (76:50)
May 1 - 10M in :35 on the bike trainer.  Frigid and windy day forced me indoors.  10min warm-up spin, 6x2min with 1min off, 8min cool down spin.  I want to not have to get the trainer out again this season.

May 2 - 7M in :51.  Patrick's West Laramie loop.  Felt like garbage.  Sore, achy, lightheaded.  Managed a decent pace considering.

May 3 - 5.5M in :39.  Last Friday form workout.  I plan to move on to something similar but different (contradiction!) after Quad Rock.

May 4 - 8M in 1:04.  HPH breakfast/coffee run.  Most of us were feeling the previous night's festivities a little.  Run was mostly Greenbelt starting and finishing at Crowbar & Grille.  Chipotle biscuits and gravy awaited.

May 5 - 19M in 2:28.  Long run Sunday.  All prairie/trail miles.  Started with an out-and-back up CC, refueled at the car, then out for a Powerline/MAS/single track/Owl Canyon/Hogback Ridge meander.  Overcast and windy, especially up Powerline.  I am pretty impressed with how I held up.

Week Totals: 50M in 6:11 (+10M bike in :35)

Gear: Asics GT-2000 G-TX (231 miles), Asics Speedstar 6 (35 miles), Saucony Peregrine 2 (19 miles), Asics Speedstar 6 (retired at 379 miles), Saucony Peregrine 2 (retired at 415 miles)

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