Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I finally did it.  I made the move to Boise.  After spending most of my life as a resident of southeastern Wyoming (lots of bouncing between Cheyenne and Laramie), I am now beginning a new adventure in western Idaho.  While moving to a larger city and searching for employment is somewhat daunting, I have one extremely good reason to be here.  And she is more than reason enough.  What I have experienced over the past two weeks leads me to believe that everything is in its right place and will work out just fine.

Running-wise, things are not great.  It took me several days after Bighorn to feel recovered enough to even attempt running, and that running was short and lackadaisical.  Two Wednesdays ago, I went for a six-miler in Cheyenne.  I felt great, ran quickly and fluidly, and was looking forward to getting to Boise so I could start the next training upswing.  The following day, my last in Wyoming, I stopped at Happy Jack on my way home and forced myself through 40 painful minutes that ended with me unable to move my left heel.  The next day was just as terrible, and just like that, I was a pedestrian once again.  The culprit?  My old nemesis, my left achilles tendon.  What aggravated it, I can't say.  It's just there now.  

I've been on the bike most mornings trying to do something.  Elizabeth and I escaped the sweltering Boise heat this past weekend with an overnight backpacking trip into the Sawtooth Range.  The hiking didn't cause the achilles to flare up too badly, so I ran a short 30 minutes on it this morning.  It wasn't 100 percent on the run, but felt like it loosened up over the duration of the run.  However, my ankle is again feeling inflexible, and with every flex, I can feel the crepitus in there.  So, more stretching, icing, calf raises, and biking for me.  Sigh.

Hopefully the running thing will come around.  That would be a nice piece to add to this wonderful Boise puzzle.

Elizabeth and me ready to get our hike on.
Ragan in front of Mt. Regan.
Helluva sunset at Sawtooth Lake.
Mt. Regan in the morning.