Saturday, April 5, 2014


Running behind as usual.  The past couple of weeks have been busy but productive.  I have been running more, working a lot, and travelling.  And I found some inspiration to re-engage in my academic life.  That finally has a beginning.

March was considerably more productive running-wise than February.  I got 200 miles in for the month and am accumulating a nice mileage base.  I have started throwing in a workout or two every week; focusing on longer, marathon-oriented type threshold work, a form/plyo/short speed workout, hill climbing, and the weekend long run.  

I have been down to Fort Collins twice for a Towers time-trial.  The first one was productive.  I made the ascent in 35 minutes and felt like it got easier as I continued up.  The second one did not go well.  From the start, I knew I did not have anything in my legs.  I forced myself halfway up and then turned around.  I'll give it another go in a couple weeks.  

I am heading up to Boise this coming week for a visit, a job hunt, a show, and a race.  And an anniversary.  From what I've heard, it is actually spring in Boise.  That sounds lovely.

The race I mentioned is the Lake Lowell Half-Marathon.  Elizabeth and I will be heading out to Nampa Sunday morning for what will hopefully be a race of PRs for the E&R household.  It sounds like her training has been going well, and I feel like I am in a better place training-wise than I was for Horsetooth two years ago, which has been my only other half-marathon.  The course is fairly flat and an out-and-back, and Nampa sits at ~2500 feet above sea level.  That should work in my favor.

Elizabeth and I met up in Moab a couple weekends ago for three nights of camping, a couple of beautiful hikes, some semi-successful camp dinners, and a little touristic sightseeing.  I love the canyons.  I love that woman.

Being tourists.
Needles District-Canyonlands NP.  La Sal Range on the horizon.
Confluence of the Green (L) and Colorado (R) Rivers.

Newspaper Rock.
Neck Spring Canyon hike.
Elizabeth enjoys the Island In the Sky view.