Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 In Review

I compiled my running statistics from 2013.  While I ran over 300 miles more than I did in 2012, I did fall just short of 2000 miles for the calendar year.  All told, I averaged 36 miles a week, ground down three pairs of shoes, and ran 267 out of 365 days (time totaled as running time adds up to just over 11 straight 24-hour days).  So that's 98 days of being worthless.  Awesome. Here is a breakdown:

January: 208 (21:15)
February: 142 (18:56)
March: 184 (24:55)
April: 167 (21:59)
May: 205 (27:17)
June: 225 (36:13)
July: 153 (28:57)
August: 121 (21:03)
September: 139 (22:44)
October: 149 (19:18)
November: 130 (17:12)
December: 63 (7:53)
Year: 1882 (266:42)

I could stand to be more diligent this year.  I am still in the process of learning to just love running for what it is.  I hesitate to commit to too much racing for fear of getting caught up in it and losing sight of what is important.  The inverse of that is if I have nothing ahead on the calendar for which to train, I tend to be lackadaisical.  I think a small handful of challenging races in the company of good friends spaced evenly throughout the year is the ideal approach to this conundrum.

Here's to the new year.  

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